Finland, the magical land of ice and lights

Finland itself is an amazing place where you can find a lot of beautiful waterfalls and bays, not even mentioning that it’s also home to the area known as Lapland, where you can find Santa Claus himself and his reindeer! It is also among the top tourist destinations for chasing the northern lights during the winter, either through a mesmerizing outdoor trip or for the luxury lovers, while enjoying a nice hot tub.

If you are a fan of fresh outdoor air, Finland is one of the countries in Europe you definitely need to visit, either to explore nature’s beauty or to get lost through a hike in its mesmerizing mountains. Every season in Finland has something special to offer, however you must keep in mind that it can get extremely cold during the winter.

Given its fairly remote location on the map and the fact that Finland prove to be a bit pricey, many people are avoiding to take a trip here. But trust us, you don’t want to be one of these, people, as Finland has so much to offer. If you follow your heart on this one, you’ll be happy you did. In this article you will find the ten best experiences you can have on your visit to Finland.

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Northern Lights Safari: Take a snowmobile ride in the Yllas area to get a glimpse of the northern lights and check out the beautiful area. This is, without doubt, one of the most unbelievable sights you can find in Europe. You can either choose to go there with one of the many available guided tours, or go exploring on your own. A typical three-hour tour will set you back about €125, while multi-day tours can get closer to the €1,000 mark.

Ice Climbing: Finland is known for its magnificent ice formations. For those of you who enjoy climbing rocks – trust me, this is the best experience. Even beginner climbers are welcome here. There are many companies out there that will provide you with the right gear and teach you more about ice climbing. The prices here vary but you have to consider spending somewhere about 80 euros.

Salla Reindeer Park: This wonderful park will provide you with a good overview of the old forests and it’s also a great opportunity to meet some reindeer! Every now and then, people organize here reindeer competitions, husky sleigh rides or canoe trips – it is recommended to check the Internet if these activities coincide to your travel period, they can be a lot of fun! The entrance fee is EUR 8, and provides you with access to 5km of hiking trails.

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi: In this beautiful village, Christmas takes place round the year. You can reach it through the snowmobile tours which welcome visitors both at night and during the day. Entrance fee is EUR 17.50 for adults and EUR 15 for children, and the tickets are valid for two consecutive days.

King’s Road to the East: This is an ancient postal route connecting Sweden and Russia. The route is 330 kilometers long and dates back to the 15th century, making it a wonderful scenic journey for anyone looking to explore the country by bike.

Pyhä-Luosto Mine: This is an old Amethyst mine. During this experience you’ll learn how to actually mine this precious metal. If you visit Finland during winter, the experience is even more wonderful because you can ski or walk 2.5 kilometers, before you reach the village of Santa Claus.

The Ranua Wildlife Park: You can find out more about arctic animals on your trip to Finland, and get a chance to see them in their natural habitats at the Northernmost zoo. Entrance fee is EUR 17 for adults, with discounts available for students, seniors and families.

The Old Church: This wooden church in Finland is extremely well preserved. It was built from timber in 1689, commissioned by Charles XI.

Helsinki City: A small historic city full of green spaces, situated on the waterfront, Helsinki is an aesthetic location, filled with gentle people and a handful of tourists. It’s especially unforgettable if you are an art lover, as they have a lot of museums there!

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