Epidaurus – one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece


The old city of Epidaurus is located near the south of the country within the Peloponnese region. The antique theater here is considered one of the most important attractions of this city.

The Epidaurus Theater, which has been very well preserved, is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful in the world for its perfectly visual proportions and the spectacular acoustics it offers. It can accomodate more than 12,000 people, and is, without a doubt, the most amazing Greek theater. If you’re thinking of visiting an antique theater, the one at Epidaurus should be the first one on your list.

The Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, located right next to the Theater, is a spiritual sanctuary definitely worth visiting. It is an ancient temple that commemorates Asklepios, the healing god of the Greeks. The temple was built in the fourth century BC. Ancient Greeks used to came to this temple to ask Asklepios for cures for their physical illnesses.

Epidaurus was an important cultural center in ancient times, a fascinating archaeological site. It was built around the 3rd century BC and features a number of very interesting constructions, most notably the ancient Theater. This is one of the few theaters that keeps the original circular “Orchestra”, offering an extremely aesthetic view. The seating area of the theater was designed in a unique way, magically blending the architecture with the beautiful landscape around.

When visiting the theater don’t forget to sit in the center of the circular orchestra for a few moments (right on the marble square that marks it). You will be amazed at how the words come back to your ears loudly and clearly, and the audience can hear perfectly, even from very far away. The theater is still used today, often displaying theatrical plays, concerts and festivals. Most of them happen during the summer months.

There is a small museum near the entrance to the site which is also worth visiting for its collection of statues. Most of the important statues in Epidaurus can be found in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. If you get thirsty or just want to cool down a bit in a hot summer day, you’ll find a water faucet right in front of the Epidaurus Museum.

Practical tips for a trip to Epidaurus

Access to Epidaurus is easier through the Corinth-Nauplion highway. Although longer, this route is faster because most part of it is on the highway so you can drive faster, and it’s also a lot more comfortable. Taking this road to Epidaurus you will pass next to Nemea and Micene, another two special archaeological sites. If you’re driving from Athens you will see signs to Epidaurus near Corinth. These signs indicate the old coastal road (1950).

The Epidaurus site is beautifully exposed to sunlight and just strolling around this place can be a marvelous experience. Bear in mind that it it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing (shorts, sneakers and sunglasses.

The entrance to the theater costs 4 euros and you can buy simple maps or visiting guides near the entrance. Food and drinks can be purchased near the ticket kiosk, but once you enter the building there are no other facilities except the restrooms near the theater.

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