Edinburgh 2018 City Break: Amazing Experiences You Need to Enjoy


If you’re on the lookout for new adventures, make sure to include Scotland on your traveling bucket list, and take some time to discover the local legends, the castles that will leave you speechless, the beautiful lakes, traditional games and the green landscapes.

Here are a few experiences and tourist attractions that deserve your attention when you get to the capital of Scotland:

Fairytales and Scottish scenery landscapes

Don’t even consider missing out a trip in the famous “Jacobite” — the train featured in the eight Harry Potter movies! Headed to Hogwarts, you will travel over 60 kilometers between Fort William and Mallaig, surrounded by Scottish natural masterpieces. Once you get to Mallaig, take the time and have a look around this port city and take some beautiful pictures to return home with!

Castles, museums and art galleries

In order to truly experience the country’s culture and local history, visiting its main castles is a must. Thus, starting from the Royal Mile, discover the Edinburgh Castle, faithfully guarding the surroundings of a sleeping volcano. Here you’ll find the War Museum, the crown jewels, the Royal Palace, the Scottish War Memorial, and the ancient dungeons. Also, make sure to include on your visit list the Holyrood Palace, National Museum, Childhood Museum, Writers’ Museum, and Britannia Royal Yacht.

The Ghosts of Edinburgh

When darkness sets, prepare to get acquainted with another perspective of this city, built on the legends of frightening creatures and spirits. Stepping out of the city, exploring the oldest buildings, you will uncover the dreadful stories of previous centuries, bringing back tales of antagonistic characters, spirits, criminals and other seemingly inexplicable appearances.

You can choose between historical and dramatic tours, the latter also involving the appearance of disguised people to fuel the intensity of local stories and myths.

The most scenic vantage points

Since such trips and amazing cities must be immortalized in cool holiday photos, you might want to find out where you can capture the city’s most beautiful scenery and views. Edinburgh stands at your feet from some strategic points. One of the city’s highest hills, named Arthur’s Seat, can be found in Holyrood Park. Legends say that here was the Camelot, the fairytale land of King Arthur. Even though you will travel 40 to 45 minutes, the view is definitely worth it.

Other places where you can surprise the vibe of the whole city are the Monument of Sir Walter Scott and Calton Hill.

Climbs, pubs and fried chocolate

Scotland’s serenous crests are often visited by adventurous tourists, eager for fresh air and new experiences. At the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, the world’s largest artificial climbing space, you will discover the secrets of climbing, enjoy gymnastics and have a great time relaxing at the SPA. For pubs and restaurants, Royal Mile meets all expectations; the street abounds in shops, terraces and restaurants, with a distinct urban charm.

The culinary offer is extremely generous, including both local and international dishes. If you want to experience culinary particularities, try the haggis, the Scottish emblematic preparation, smoked salmon or chocolate dressed in dough, then fried.

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