Easily accessible winter destinations for the most beautiful vacations


We are nearing the end of the year and it is one of the most beautiful times for children. Gather your family reunion and choose one of the Christmas destinations we have chosen for you in two articles for your upcoming winter holidays.

If you also feel that a few years ago you didn’t spend the Christmas holiday in the best way possible, then maybe it’s time to do something different this year.

Get to know some of the best winter destinations for the Christmas holidays you are waiting for yourself and your family.

1. Christmas in Nassau – Bahamas

If you want to avoid traditional Christmas and want to find new horizons and at the same time enjoy the warmth of the sun, then you should definitely enjoy the Nassau Festival in the Bahamas. The Street Festival with the oldest Caribbean traditions takes place every year, on the second day of Christmas on December 26th. Then on New Year’s Day, this festival vigorously competes with the Mardi Gras festivals in New Orleans and the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro festivals. Here you’ll find everyone dressed in fabulous costumes and lots of jewelers.

You can spend great time here between the two big winter holidays, or head to the less crowded beach at Cable Beach, or do some sea sports such as deep-sea diving in the crystal clear waters.

2. Christmas in Tromsø – Norway

Winter holidays will not be better than the Arctic Circle. The city of Tromsø is beautiful throughout winter, when the month of December comes. As you wander in its streets you will smell the scents of clementine and sweet cake.

Locals gather in Christmas markets, and if you plan to join them you are always welcome because the people here are very friendly and kind. Or you can just walk the streets decorated with Christmas lights, drink hot tea and buy many souvenirs to carry with you when you return.

And don’t forget that here you can see the northern lights that are spreading in the sky and people call the Aurora Borealis. Keep your eyes open for the Northern lights from 6 AM until midnight. While waiting to see the Northern Lights, practice your favorite snow activities such as snowboarding, tugging dog sleds, or just playing snow with your friends and family.

3. Christmas in Küssnacht – Switzerland

Santa Claus will be waiting for you in a small town near Zurich, Küssnacht, located on the northern shore of Lake Lucerne. 20,000 people wake up early on the morning of December 5 to look for Santa and get gifts for them and their children.

Klausjagen, which means “looking for Santa Claus,” is one of the strangest Christmas celebrations in Europe, dating back to the Middle Ages. That’s when pagan societies tried to drive out evil spirits. It was finally banned in 1700, but was reintroduced a century later in a new form, this time the aim was to search for Santa Claus.

4. Christmas in Douz – Tunisia

The Tunisian city of Douz is famous for filming its Star Wars series, often called the “Desert Gate”. In the last four days of December, this region is transformed into a huge and wonderful festival.

The Sahara International Festival attracts tourists from all over the world to experience sand hockey tournaments, Arabic cuisine, craft fairs and traditional belly dancing shows. In the city of Douz 50,000 visitors participate each year watching desert camel races.

5. Christmas in Castleton – UK

If you want to make a great decision for your holiday in December, why not get some gifts from the best Christmas stores in the world? We suggest you head over to a charming little town in the heart of England, where the most beautiful pleasures of life become as natural as breathing.

The Christmas lights in every meter of the streets of the small city clearly and categorically declare that the Christmas season has begun and every store becomes decorated with picturesque locals and tourists every year. You can also take part in many other events, competitions and all kinds of craft workshops and games for toddlers.

There are 4 caves within the boundaries of Castellon and fun filled with Christmas atmosphere. At Peak Cavern, for example, you’ll see concerts and enjoy traditional drinks and minced meat pies.

6. Christmas in Kyoto – Japan

Kyoto is the origin of Japanese Buddhism. So, as you could imagine, Christmas here is somewhat different from what you know.

With a religious affinity not so strongly associated with Christmas holidays, locals celebrate this moment with lots of sparklin, beautiful decorations, and a lot of people gather to eat in the restaurants or bars located within the city. You can also see that the annual celebration of the Shuen Temple, for example, on December 25, which is a wonderful tribute to the land of original Buddhism.

Enjoy your holiday trip to the city’s suburbs in Arashiyama. It is a national reserve that locals call the “place of beauty” in the land of the rising sun. The area offers you a real adventure and you will have the feeling that you are entering another world. It’s just another different but magical way to spend Christmas.

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