Easily accessible winter destinations for the most beautiful Christmas holidays – Part 2


We are at the end of the year and it is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful times. Get a chance to reunite with your family and choose one of the Christmas destinations we have chosen for you for your upcoming winter holidays.

If you felt that in the last years you did not spend the Christmas holidays in the best way possible, then perhaps it is time to do something different this year.

Find out with us some of the best winter destinations to spend the Christmas holidays waiting for yourself and your family.

Christmas in Provence – France

If you want to visit Provence this Christmas, make sure to purchase the traditional sculptures for when you return home. Also, the French gastronomy in Provence will offer you the opportunity to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas!

If you are thinking that cold weather might prevent the French from going out to enjoy the holidays, you are wrong. The streets are crowded and full of beautiful decorations. You will see a lot of figurines made by local artisans, most often for sale.

We know very well that in France the cuisine is very special. The Christmas meal includes seven distinct dishes, symbolizing the sufferings of the seven Virgin Mary. Served with 13 rolls of bread, followed by 13 sweets. The number 13 represents the last supper of Jesus with the Twelve Apostles.

Christmas in Honolulu – Hawaii

Did you know that the phrase ” Mele Kallkimaka” means “Merry Christmas”?

Do you want to spend the Christmas holidays in a place like heaven? Then you should go straight to Honolulu. The most sunny and prosperous USA country celebrates winter holidays, but in its unique way. Nowadays, locals largely celebrate the whole month’s Christmas holiday, with fireworks, festivals and Christmas food.

It is probably the only place in the world that feels so relaxed even in the freezing cold. Here you will see brightly colored shirts, red and flowering beautiful roses, and lots of flower necklaces!

Christmas in Tallinn – Estonia

Tallinn’s ancient center in Estonia dates back to European medieval times and is characterized by sculptures of Baroque architecture.

Rumors claim that Tallinn was the host of the first Christmas tree installed on the streets of a European city. Legend has it that in 1441, the Brotherhood of the Black Heads, an association of German singles merchants, raised the first fir in the town hall market, beginning to sing and dance around it. Although the brotherhood has disappeared (as is known), some things are still preserved and we are talking here about the Christmas celebration, year after year, around the fir tree, in one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe.

Christmas in Livingston – Zambia

With a predominantly Christian population in the Zambian capital, Livingston always lives happily in December, as locals greet guests with open arms and share gifts with them.

But the most wonderful gift you can enjoy here is an out-of-town excursion to the UNESCO-protected Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. The park links Zambia with its southern neighbor, Zimbabwe, and is famous for its wild forest and Victoria Falls, which the locals are proud of as a national treasure. Victoria Falls is one of the most impressive and incredibly romantic sights.

Christmas in Budapest – Hungary

Are you looking for a Christmas holiday offer that fits your financial budget? Then Hungary’s capital is by far one of the best option for a magical spent Christmas. First, you will see the Christmas Gallery on Vörösmarty Square. It is widely known for its traditional Christmas gifts and is considered one of the most affordable Christmas destinations in Europe.

And if the temperatures are very cold in December, and the wind is freezing, you can head to the largest thermal bath in Budapest in Sicheny.

And then don’t forget the story trams! Throughout December, three tram lines are equipped with trams that resemble the sleds in Crăiesei Zapezii fairy tale, which make the nights of this capital underestimated as the value of Budapest by a dream!

Christmas in Sydney – Australia

For those who cannot stand the cold in winter or even holidays, a great Christmas destination is the Australian Bondi Beach. It is the most vibrant beach in Australia and is the perfect place to get away from the severe cold in December. Prepare a perfect barbecue for Christmas dinner!

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