Do you know these beautiful historical landmarks in Cuba?

Cuba is a country filled with mystery, which appears to be timeless — the streets of its cities seem to be kept in a very well preserved time capsule. The classy vibe of this country, filled with classic cars and musicians who play live tunes around every corner will take you through a mesmerizing journey that you’ll never forget.

Cuba has recently undergone radical transformations, especially after the United States reduced its hostile relations with them and started welcoming the country with open arms. If you want to truly experience the authentic traditional lifestyle in Cuba, the following sights should totally be in your itinerary.

Che Guevara Mausoleum

The Che Guevara Mausoleum is located in Santa Clara, and it is where the remains of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara are located. The mausoleum contains a 22-foot bronze statue of Guevara, which became a prominent figure during the Cuban Revolution of the 1950s.

Santa Clara was chosen as a site to bury Guevara because his forces captured the city in 1958, during the Battle of Santa Clara.

Morro Castle, city of Havana

The Morro Castle was built in 1589 during the Spanish rule, and it is a fortress that guards the entrance to Havana Bay. As you walk through the castle, put your hand on its breathtaking walls, and try to get a feel of how it might have felt like, many centuries ago.

While you’re here, get a chance to discover how the castle was used to repel enemies, what strategies and complex mechanisms were once used there! You can climb the small turrets to get a view of the sea, and imagine how the warships were heading directly towards the harbor.

Colina Lenin Monument

When you reach Havana, you must definitely travel to the Colina Lenin Monument. This is the first monument that was built for Lenin, the founder of the Communist Party of Russia, outside the Soviet Union. It was renamed Colina Lenin in 1924 after an olive tree was planted here as a celebration in the communist leader’s memory. Here you will also find a showroom showcasing photos about Lenin’s life.

El Capitolio

This magnificent building is very much like the Capitol in Washington, DC. It used to be the seat of government in Cuba, and was abandoned after the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

Another attraction you can find at El Capitolio is the third largest indoor statue in the world. Nowadays, the building serves as a public library.

Plaza de la Revolution

Also known as the “Revolution Square” this place used to be the epicenter of the communist movement. Many rallies and speeches were held here, including the ones of Fidel Castro and other political figures.

The square is located near the monument of José Martí, a national hero in Cuba who was a poet, writer and national leader. In front of the monument are pictures of Che Guevara, and this is also where the most important political buildings in Cuba are located.

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