Discover some of the world’s most inspiring tourist destinations

Today we’ll have a look at some of the most popular tourism destinations, which make for a great source of inspiration for travelers all over the world. Whether you are looking for new attractions or beautiful landscapes, or you wish to learn more about cultural aspects from various countries, we promise you’ll quickly fall in love with these places.

Sikkim, India

India’s Sikkim State won various national awards in 2012, for being India’s cleanest state, and having the most innovative tourism projects. Checkbox sightseeing have given new vitality to the Himalayan wildlife that covers the mountains of the region. Organic farming is very popular in Sikkim, and is being heavily promoted. Since many of the products available in the local markets are already free of any industrial additives, the government proposes to turn Sikkim into a fully organic state very soon.

Kimberley, Australia

Australia’s Kimberley is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth, and without a doubt, one of the most attractive tourism destinations for tourists. Here you will find giant gorges near deep and magnificent rivers and lakes. Kimberley is home to some of the most beautiful coastal beaches in the world. It is an area that beautifully combines Aboriginal culture with Asian influences. The rich often come here to spend millions on world-renowned pearl purchases from its coasts, while many celebrities fly on luxurious trips to their resorts. Of course, it is impossible to move around without large SUVs, and some areas can not be reached at all from November to March.

Yorkshire, England

The English city is famous for the local athletes who helped the county win the most medals at the 2012 London Olympics, beating entire countries such as South Africa, Spain and even the Olympic hosts in 2016, Brazil. A poll last year found Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to be the happiest city in Britain. Bradford has become the world’s first Unesco City of Film. Yorkshire now has more high-quality restaurants than any other county outside of London.

Hokuriku, Japan

The Hokuriku City is located on the west coast of Honshu, and bounded by the Sea of ​​Japan and the magnificent Japanese Alps. The city is famous for its culture, history and stunning natural beauty. In March 2015, the first Hokuriku shinkansen train (bullet trains) departed, reducing travel times from Tokyo and tremendously boosting visitor numbers. Hokuriku is also home to one of Japan’s finest gardens. Rent a car and get to know the exotic landscapes of the Noto peninsula, or discover the beautiful Kaga Onsen area.

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

If you are looking for an awesome encounter with Mother Nature, Victoria Falls would make for an excellent choice. You can find this mesmerizing landscape either in Vic Falls (Zimbabwe) or Livingston (Zambia). In 2014, these two cities were co-hosts of the 2013 General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. While Zimbabwe may seem like a strange proposition to many tourists, rest assured that Vic Falls is a great place to visit. Since the US dollar replaced the struggling Zimbabwe dollar, the economy has recovered from years of hyperinflation.

Mallorca, Spain

Some parts of this Spanish island are located on the Mediterranean Sea and have been seen for decades as one of the most magnificent islands of the world. This island is amazingly beautiful, surprisingly diverse and has many cultural attractions. It is also full of lively art galleries and wonderful restaurants. The southern and eastern coasts are home to crystal white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters, while the north-west features olive groves and pine forests in the sapphire colored Mediterranean.

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