Discover the stunning island of Martinique – the “Paris Caribbean”

When he discovered it in 1502, Christopher Columbus called Martinique “the most beautiful country in the world.” This is not surprising, as the exotic Caribbean island is surrounded on all sides by incredible beaches, with tall palm trees, extremely fine sand and turquoise waters. But Martinique is more than that! It is a green island, which the Indians living here call Madinina or “Flower Island”. In fact, the whole island is a great resort, with every corner offering something interesting to discover.

When first arriving here, tourists are interested in discovering the local nature: the excellent beaches, the wild bays, the tropical, lush forests and the many places where scuba diving and other water sports are practiced. Also of huge importance is the excellent recreational infrastructure, the island of Martinique hosting a host of luxury hotels, picturesque towns with colonial architecture, impeccable public transport and well-developed communications, as well as amazing natural reserves.

Fort-de-France is the capital of the island, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the French West Indies. The locals call the city “Little Paris ”. It is a real pleasure to stroll the narrow streets of the city, admiring the colorful mansions in colonial style, the many lush parks, the domes of churches and the office buildings. will definitely remind you of France.

The main attraction in the center of the capital is the large La Sawan Park. It can be easily remarked with its variety of interesting streets and beautiful fountains. The park also hosts many concert venues, so many cultural and entertainment events are regularly organized here.

A southeastern part of the park is Fort Saint-Louis, a place famous for having once defended the city against pirates. Leaving the park, we recommend you go to another picturesque area of ​​the city, the large Floral Park. Shaded by a lot of palm trees and eucalyptus trees, the splendid Floral Park gives you the impression that you are in the Garden of Eden.

Other tourist attractions in Fort-de-France include the Saint-Louis Cathedral, the Courthouse, the Archeology Museum, the Regional Museum of History and Ethnography, as well as a wonderful aquarium.

Special attention should be paid to tourists traveling to the island of Martinique on the Route-de-la-Trace route. Used for the first time by the Jesuits in the 17th century, this famous road leads from Fort-de-France to the small town of Morne Rouge, crossing rich tropical forests with an extraordinary flora. The main attractions of the route include the magnificent Jardin de Balata Botanical Garden, the Balata Church, which is an exact replica of the famous Sacre Coeur in Paris, as well as the waterfalls on the Alma River.

In the travel itinerary in Martinique you must also include the city of Saint-Pierre, once the capital of the island. The city was long considered the most beautiful place in the West Indies until 1902, when it was destroyed by the eruption of Pelee Mountain, which is said to be 40 times more powerful than the atomic bomb blast over Hiroshima. Of the entire population of Saint-Pierre, only one man survived in the local prison. Basically, the city ceased to exist, but then it was gradually restored. However, the capital of the island was transferred to Fort-de-France, and Saint-Pierre regained only a shadow of its former grandeur. Exploring this city, we recommend you visit the local volcanology museum, the ruins of the old theater, the Paul Gauguin house-museum, the ruins of the city prison and the beautiful Anse-Terin beach, located in the south.

Another place to include in the itinerary is Grand Riviere, the northernmost point of Martinique and one of the most picturesque settlements on the island. Formerly a fishing village, the small and sleepy village is hidden under the coastal rocks. Avoid on very rainy days, but when the weather is good, Grand Riviere must be visited to taste its fresh seafood and to admire its colorful boats and scary Atlantic waves.

Traveling to Martinique you will have a truly unique experience! It is a real pleasure for every enthusiast of history, architecture and wild landscapes. Using a travel agency is probably the best way to prepare for a successful trip to this country. Tourism specialists know how to make the best travel program, in a relatively short time and at the most convenient prices. 

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