Discover the most famous Japanese traditional dishes

Among many other attractions, Tokyo can be a great destination if you want to discover the traditional Japanese cuisine. Some of the dishes may seem exotic at first, but in order to fully discover the culture of this wonderful country you must also discover their unique and very interesting cuisine.


When it comes to breakfast, many of us would prefer a cup of coffee and some milk, a butter croissant, an omelette, and so on. In Japan, however, things are a little different.

Japanese breakfast is a kind of lunch for a lot of other countries. It usually consists of a simple bowl of steamed rice, a bowl of miso soup and many other things besides, such as fish, vegetables, tamajuki, spinach, pickles and of course, the famous green tea.

The miso soup contains green onions and tofu, and sometimes soy sauce is added. Miso means fermented beans in Japanese, and the traditional soup is usually made from soybeans. The longer the fermentation process, the more delicious the soup tastes, and the darker its color. Any traditional Japanese breakfast should feature a bowl of miso soup and some steamed rice.

Tamagoyaki is a dish made from thin omelettes layers, and can be consumed for breakfast but also among a variety of sushi plates.


When talking about Japanese food, there’s no way you can avoid mentioning sushi. The exquisite rice rolls containing multiple toppings depending on the sushi type chosen is, perhaps, the most famous Japanese dish. In Tokyo, Genki Sushi Restaurant in Shibuya is one of the best sushi restaurants in the world. The atmosphere in this restaurant is fantastic, and everything is done with the help of very advanced technology, with iPads that you can order on, and convoyer belts which automatically deliver the dishes or take away empty plates.

Nigiri is one of the most popular kinds of sushi, consisting of a rice roll and various other layers such as fish fillets or tamagoyaki. Inari is another globally renowned sushi type, served with Tofu Toast (the inside of the toast can be filled with different sushi toppings).


Yakitori are, basically, chicken skewers. Although this might not be the most unique kind of traditional Japanese cuisine, what makes the yakitori so special is the place where it is eaten. You can find it in some small restaurants with very few places, and they typically have barbecues just outside the restaurant. However, keep in mind that it’s advisable not to eat in the Shinjuku area, because here, these types of restaurant have very high prices. Simply walk a little bit further from the tourist areas and you’ll find some great local restaurants to fully enjoy the experience!


If you are in Tokyo, more specifically in the Asakusa area, head over to the Sansada Restaurant, where you can find, simply put, the best tempura in the city. There you will find the traditional low tables, tatami floors, and ladies in traditional kimonos serving customers. Leave your shoes at the entrance, open the sliding doors and sit right on the floor. Tempura is light, healthy and it does not contain fat. It’s an amazing dish consisting of seafoods and vegetables.

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