Discover the cultural and historical diversity of the Eastern European cities

We all want to visit major cities and capitals in Western Europe such as London , Paris or Rome , but it may be much easier and cheaper to get to visit cities in Eastern Europe. They have a special charm and are very attractive, and are very popular among tourists from all over the world.

Here are some cities in Eastern Europe that have always attracted the attention of tourists because of their cultural, artistic and historical diversity:

Krakow in Poland

Krakow survived colossal destructions during the Second World War, precisely because it was outside the Soviet Army’s advancement and the Nazi’s retreatment zone. Located south of the main front,  Krakow remains the most important historical pieces of this country, being, in fact, the old capital of the Kingdom of Poland.

By the end of the 10th century, the city became an important commercial center and an important exploitation area of ​​the Piast Dynasty. The Wawel Castle was built at that time, although the city was devastated by the successive Mongol invasions in 1241, 1259 and 1287. Wawel, which eventually became a royal palace-fortress, is certainly a tourist attraction that should not be missed in a visit Krakow.

One of the oldest buildings in this city, of great tourist importance, is the Church of St. Adalbert, which dates from the 11th century and is also the oldest church in the country. Its square, robust structure is still visible, although it has undergone some changes over time, such as the baroque vault that can be observed today. St. Adalbert Church is situated right in the heart of Krakow, in the Main Market Square. Besides beautiful and airy streets, in Krakow you can see many buildings encapsulated in different time periods and marked by various artistic styles such as Baroque and Art Noveau, one of the most impressive buildings of this kind being the Jagiellonian University, founded in the year 1364 by Casimir III.

Finally, the Main Market of the City is probably the best example of blending the styles typical of Central Europe and Eastern Europe. This market dates back to the 13th century and is surrounded by beautiful buildings, including the Gothic Church of St. Mary (XIII-XIV century), with its eclectic blend of towers. The Tower of the Town Hall, another Gothic brick structure, which is 70 meters high, dates back to the 13th century, being a great attraction for all tourists who want to get to know Poland’s culture better.

Sighisoara in Romania

Sighisoara is a small city in Romania with a population of only 35,000 and is considered one of the most important medieval cities in Europe and has been well preserved. Sighisoara is located in the center of Romania and was founded in 1191 by the German craftsmen who were invited by the then King of Hungary.

This city quickly became an important commercial center inhabited by Saxons who settled in other cities of Transylvania such as Sibiu and Braşov. Sighisoara’s city center is a real jewel, easily recognizable by the famous clock tower, but far from any other major city in the country. The closest important city is Brasov, located approximately 100 kilometers away.

Sighisoara is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is a unique attraction loved by tourists from all over the world, especially from Germany and Hungary.

Bratislava in Slovakia

Located between Vienna and Budapest, Bratislava is a relatively small city with a population of about 340,000, but it is extremely attractive and preserved its cultural and historical values ​​over time.

Located above the Danube, Bratislava became the national capital when the Czech and Slovaks decided to secede in 1993. Bratislava can be easily reached by train from Vienna. The hills surrounding the capital of Slovakia are considered the starting point of the Carpathian mountain range that can be seen from Vienna during summer days.

Tourists who visit Bratislava shouldn’t miss out on going to the old town center, famous for its narrow streets shaded by attractive Gothic church buildings. The Bratislava Castle is another unqiue attraction, located near the old town, and from its walls you can get a magnificent view of the city.

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