Discover Malta – Tourism Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss Out In Valletta

If you consider relaxation, adventure and fascinating discoveries to be the ingredients for a perfect escape, then you should include Valletta on your holiday list, and take on an amazing journey! Malta is surprising thanks its unique architecture, natural harbors, landscapes with strong Mediterranean influences and the countless tourist attractions it hosts.

Here are a few important landmarks and some tips for a successful getaway in the capital of Malta.

Fort Saint Elmo

This fortified structure is characteristic for Valletta, located at the Marsamxett harbour. The Fort was built to prevent the city from invasions, being surrounded by fascinating walls. Currently, the Maltese police academy operates and a museum dedicated to the history and legends of this fortification. Moreover, this landmark is worth visiting because of the amazing view of the sea it offers, and the guarantee that you will be surprised by its breathtaking beauty.

Grand Master’s Palace

The Palace hosts the current officials, namely the House of Representatives and the seat of the Maltese President. Architecturally impressive, the Palace owns numerous pieces of cultural jewelry such as artwork, documents, armor and antique weapons. For example, the Council Room is adorned with valuable Gobelin tapestry, woven in France. Another impressive room is the Supreme Council Hall, decorated with frescoes and portraits of the most important European masters and rulers.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Independence Square houses the Anglican Cathedral of Saint Paul, being the ideal place for a few moments of silence in a blessed tranquility. The cathedral is one of Malta’s oldest buildings, and its tower is over 65 meters tall, visible from anywhere in the city. Art lovers and history lovers will be delighted by the architectural details of the building, as well as the interior art objects – the altar was designed by Matteo Perez d’Aleccio and the paintings done by Attilio Palombi.

Barrakka Gardens

The Barraka Gardens, real oases of greenery and fragrances, offer a stunning view of the Grand Harbour. Inside, there are various monuments commemorating the historical events and heroes of Malta, such as the one dedicated to Alexander Bell or the commemorative plaques dedicated to the Hungarian Revolution, The Prague Spring and Giuseppe Garibaldi. You will enter a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, crossing idyllic natural sceneries and admiring the richness of the vegetation.

Restaurants and culinary delights

After visiting the Maltese cultural beauties, you’ll certainly have a craving for something to eat! Close to the gardens you can find, for example, a labyrinth of streets with souvenir shops, terraces and restaurants, perfect for dining out and experiencing the Maltese cuisine. If you’re trying to discover new dishes, try Fenek, rabbit cooked in wine, or Pastis, a pastry product filled with creamy cheese and peas. Neither you will lack any sweets, because you can choose from a huge variety of desserts, pastry, sweets, Kannoli, or the famous crisp rolls with ricotta and sprinkled with chocolate flakes.

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