Check Out These Awesome Tourist Attractions in Dubrovnik!

The ancient city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is fairly small, but it has an enormous impact on those who visit it. Some tourists who come here for a short time have to walk in. Some tourists choose the city for an afternoon walk, but if you come to stay here for a week, you have the chance to explore all of its tourist attractions, hidden alleys, and climb up each group of stairs that comes out of your way and discover its wonders. You can resume the strolling at night and be amazed at how beautiful the city looks with the lights on.

And yet, no matter how much time you have to spend in Dubrovnik, there are a few places you have to see. Make choices wisely, because sitting at a cafe table and enjoying coffee, a beer or lunch, are also part of the experience the city of Dubrovnik offers. You can do shopping – especially if you are looking for rare jewelry!

  1. Old city wall in Dubrovnik

As you walk down the main street of the city, you will continuously ask yourself a question: “Is there a city in Europe that is nicer than Dubrovnik?” Go up the stairs to the upper wall of the old town and you will see that from up above, the city looks even more beautiful. The wall has a length of two kilometers and surrounds the Old City, offering incredible views of the red tile roofs of the traditional houses and the turquoise waters only interrupted by the wonderful islands. Exploring the Old Town can easily take a few hours, as there are so many places to see and admire.

  1. Café Buza

The Café Buza is a very special place and deserves to be on the list of the best locations in Dubrovnik. While strolling around the city wall, if you pay attention to its western area, you will inevitably see Café Buza, a small café, with many terraces spread along the water. You will come in here by passing through a small door that does not stand out in any way. On the other side of this door, a chillder local beer and some of the most beautiful sunsets in Dubrovnik await you.

  1. Pile Gate

Dubrovnik is a city so old and full of ancient treasures all the way, so it’s easy to miss some of them if you don’t pay enough attention. One of the most beautiful is the Pile Gate, representing the northern entrance to the Old City. Look carefully at the stone bridge and the two Gothic arcades and you will begin to get an idea of how this incredible city was built.

  1. Rector palace

You can not miss the Rector Palace, a magnificent Roman-style building, right next to the Luzu Square. The palace has previously been the seat of government, which is also why tourists are not allowed to visit the entire palace. You do not have to spend hours here, but just step inside and see the elegant rooms and arches that will make you feel good about arriving here.

  1. Franciscan Monastery

The architecture of the city of Dubrovnik is very special, and one of the most beautiful examples is the Franciscan monastery. The inner courtyard and surrounding annexes are the best preserved examples of local architecture. Whether you are religious or not, this tourist attraction is without a doubt worth visiting.

Include all these points of interest in one day in order to explore the city of Dubrovnik in its beauty. Spend some time in the cafés on the city’s harbor and listen to live music. From the outdoor markets to the jewelry shops and festivals, Dubrovnik is a very interesting city.

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