Canada – The most beautiful falls in the world

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is bordered by three oceans: The Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. It also has borders with America in the south and north-west. The country is well known for its having the world’s largest number of lakes, and also for its famous production of maple syrup.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, located on the Ottawa River, in between the Ontario and Quebec provinces. Most of Canada’s population lives in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. Only a small fraction of people lives in the provinces of northern Canada, due to its cold climate.

Both English and French are recognized as official languages in Canada. 57% of Canadians have English as their primary language, and up to 90% of the people can speak two languages fluently.

The French-speaking population of Canada sums up to about 7 million, most of them being located in the province of Quebec – the only province in Canada where French is the main official language.

The official currency of Canada

The Canadian dollar is the official currency of the State of Canada. The coins are of various shapes, sizes and colors. Canadians have different denominations, calling 5 cents “nickels”, 10 cents “dimes” and 25 cents “quarters”.

The Canadian dollar bills have different colors, based on what their values are. Thus, a five-dollar bill is printed in blue, ten dollars in violet, fifty in red and brown for the $100 bill.

Climate in Canada

Seasons vary between northern and southern Canada. Spring begins in late March for most of the provinces, while in southern provinces it only starts in late May and lasts until September.

The temperatures reach their peak in July, where they can be as high as 80-90 ° Fahrenheit. We therefore recommend that the best time to plan your trip to Canada is in September and October, because in this period, the weather is known to be mild and relaxing.

Winters in Canada are known to be long and rather cold, especially in the northern provinces. The average temperature in most counties during winter is about 5° Fahrenheit, and they can drop down to -20° Fahrenheit.

Places to stay in Canada

There are many different hotels to choose from, offering high quality services, depending on which part of the country you wish to visit, and the budget allocated.

A few which we consider to be amongst the most noticeable are, as follows:

  • The Fairmont Royal York, the most famous hotel in Toronto County.
  • The well-known Intercontinental Montreal hotel, based in Montreal
  • The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, located in Vancouver, BC.
  • The Ritz-Carlton hotel is the most popular hotel in Montreal, for those who fancy 5-star services.

Restaurants in Canada

Europea, one of the most famous restaurants in Canada, is renowned for its delicacies and picturesque looks, as well as its beautiful Victorian-palace exterior design.

The Blue Water Café is the go-to place if you fancy seafood. It is one of the most popular restaurants of this type in the State of Canada.

Chez Rioux & Pettigrew is a great French restaurant located in Quebec, with excellent services. Besides the usual dishes, they also have Vegetarian friendly meals.

La Pizzaio, also located in the city of Quebec, is the go-to place if you would like to serve some extremely well cooked Italian dishes.

Restaurant L’Avenue is one of Montreal’s best restaurants, with a wide variety of delicacies and recipes from all around the world.

While visiting Canada, you should keep in mind that as a tradition, it is recommended to tip anywhere between 15-20% on your bills, to show your gratitude towards the staff members and the services they have provided. You should usually tip in restaurants, hotels and taxis.

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