Brasov, Romania – one of the most beautiful classical cities in Eastern Europe

The city of Brasov, Romania attracts many tourists because it is one of the best-preserved classical cities in Europe. The medieval castles and walls are still there and contain stories full of history and culture. The city is ideally located and surrounded by mountains, so it is also a suitable destination for those who want to stroll around and enjoy the mesmerizing medieval streets, but also for those who are looking for adventure!

Despite the fact that it is known as the city at the foot of Mount Tampa, with its architecture and Saxon influences or the city called the Dracula legend, it is a magical city that you’ll fall in love with right away. It is the kind of city you can visit for just strolling around on the streets, discovering welcoming places, rich culture and wonderful nature.

So here are some tips on some popular attractions that will help you make your vacation in Brasov a memory that you’ll never forget!

Old City

Brasov’s city center is not large, but it certainly provides a lot of cultural diversity. We recommend you to visit the Modarom building, which can be seen from the Schei Gate, and is full of buildings that are definitely worth checking out. Here you can find some of the most important historical landmarks such as the Council Square and a lot of beautiful cafes, restaurants, terraces and places for shopping.

Black Church

The Black Church is located next to the Council Square. Its name comes from the fire that partially destroyed the monument. It is the largest Gothic church in Romania. The moment you get there, you will see that it is well preserved and has one of the biggest pipe organs in Eastern Europe.

The Sforii (“Rope”) Street

One of the most popular landmarks in Brasov for photographers, the meeting place of lovers and one of Europe’s narrowest streets. You cannot come to Brasov without visiting the Sforii Street. Here you can touch the edges of both of the street’s walls, or take a selfie with the unique view of Mount Tampa! It is very close to Schei Square so if you get lost in the beautiful streets of Brasov, ask the locals to direct you to this unforgettable destination.

Adventura Park

Do you like adrenaline? This is the largest adventure park in Eastern Europe, with 15 challenging trails for any level of experience, from beginners to professional climbers. If you want to spend an unforgettable day, try to push your limits as much as you can in this wonderful place!

The logo of the city of Brasov – Mount Tampa

If you arrive in Brasov, you must climb Mount Tampa, part of a rocky mass called Postăvaru, almost entirely surrounded by the city. Try out the traditional food at the Sergiana Restaurant and then walk along the road leading up the mountain. But if you do not want to burn a lot of calories, there is a way to climb the top of the mountain by cable car. At a height of 960 meters, you will definitely get a great view of Brasov and the surrounding areas, and the scenery will simply amaze you.

The first Romanian school

The first ever Romanian school was built in Brasov. It dates back to the eleventh century. It was first a church, and then became a school. We really recommend you to pay a visit to this wonderful place – and also, the city’s shopping mall is very nearby!

Aqua park

If you pass the city of Brasov and you are looking for relaxation, you can find here a complex called Aqua Park. This is because you can ask for more than mountain water, bath, sauna or massage. Yes, the complex has indoor and outdoor pools, some of which are so hot that you can literally stay outside in the cold winter of Romania. The place also features saunas, a jacuzzi, a relaxing cave, water slides, a football pitch and a gym.

Rasnov Castle

Yes, Brasov is surrounded by castles. And this is because Transylvania had to be protected and the hills surrounding the mountains provided the ideal strategic location for such a thing. So, located 15 km from Brasov, the Rasnov castle dates back to the 14th century and has been well preserved so far. You can enjoy the surrounding areas here, and there are many festivals hosted at the castle such as the Film Festival, the Medieval Festival or the Rockstad Extreme Festival.

Bran Castle

This huge castle, which became the residence of the royal family only in 1920, is just 30 km away from Brasov. Although the place is also known as the Count Dracula’s Castle, this is just a legend and the theme of Bram Stoker’s novel. Regardless, you are most probably going to be curious to see what is in the castle, since it’s not vampires or other superstitions!

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