Best Hotels for a Romantic Honeymoon in Europe

Do you want to travel to a special place with your loved one? Europe’s most romantic hotels in are waiting for you! Getting ready for marriage? Today we’ll show you the top 10 destinations for spending your honeymoon in Europe.

La Torre del Canonigo – Ibiza, Spain

All year-round people gather on the island for nights they don’t usually remember, but on this romantic holiday you will be staying at La Torre del Canonigo for an unforgettable night. Located in Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tower offers the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and is the perfect spot for an amazing experience.

Palazzetto Madonna – Venice, Italy

If you are not in love before spending your holiday in Venice, you will surely fall in love after a night at Palazzetto Madonna. Although many of Venice’s romantic hotels feature Rococo décor, this boutique hotel combines Italian beauty with modern architecture.

Leave the luggage in your room and head over to the Campo Santa Margherita restaurant and enjoy the perfectly cooked traditional dishes!

Hotel Trezzini Palace – Saint Petersburg, Russia

The stunning size and decor of the rooms are just the beginning of the amazing experience you will be able to enjoy when visiting the nearby Hermitage Museum or the St. Isaac Cathedral. In the evening, enjoy a romantic trip filled with beautiful landscapes on the Neva River.

Fusion Hotel Prague – Prague, Czech Republic

After giving your loved one a beautiful engagement ring, confess your love at the top of Petrin Hill. Under the moonlight, the landscape will make you fall in love with the Vltava River and the red roof tiles in Prague. Skip dinner and go straight to the Fusion Hotel, where the Fusion Love room will inspire you!

Montmartre Mon Amour – Paris, France

The City of Lights is designed for lovers. Take a stroll through Paris on Place des Vosges, gaze at the Vendôme Galleries and have a coffee on the Café St Regis terrace. Each room is decorated with a portrait of a symbolic French couple, such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. This romantic hotel has everything you need – love and culture.

Witchery by the Castle Hotel – Edinburgh, Scotland

For those who love castles and whisky, Edinburgh is the perfect destination for a romantic city break. The Edinburgh Castle is an important attraction, but we believe that the charming 5-star Witchery will make for a truly awesome experience. A romantic evening with your loved one in a Victorian bath tub will be the perfect start to a great honeymoon.

Hotel Goldgasse – Salzburg, Austria

This is probably the perfect destination for culture lovers. The Romantic Road (Romantischestrasse) is a route that crosses many mesmerizing cultural places, from Germany to Austria. Throughout the year, travelers can enjoy local culture and lots of events in Mozart’s hometown, such as the Salzburg Festival or the Mozart Week. The entire Goldgasse Hotel has strong Austrian style historical influences.

Lesar Hotel Angel – Ljubljana, Slovenia

A perfect combination of elegance and luxury for your honeymoon. The fireplace in the living room will quickly become your favorite place, and the candlelit garden will say “Ljubim te” (“I love you” in the local language of Ljubljana).

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