Beauty under the cold sun – the best cities to visit during winter

Make sure you visit one of these cities this winter, which simply look brilliant covered by the shiny, mesmerizing snow. If you’re planning to have the most beautiful winter break for you and your family, discover fairytale cities and magical places, and simply get away from the noise and traffic at home, these are the places to check out.

Venice , Italy

The best time to visit the Italian floating city is in late January, when Venice hosts Europe’s largest and most exciting event, the Venice Carnival. The city will be filled with charming music, attractive colors and friendly crowds. This is a great time to simply get lost within the floating city’s narrow streets, on the edge of its wondrous canals. Make sure you add the 800-year-old city to your winter-traveling list!

Nagano, Japan

Japanese culture, centuries-old local rituals and the civilization of this part of the world have fascinated tourists and visitors for hundreds of years. The city of Nagano is surrounded by mountains and this makes it a great destination for skiing enthusiasts. After a cold day you can relax in one of the natural thermal springs here.

If you ever watched Discovery Channel documentaries, you may have seen the famous monkeys bathing in the thermal waters of the Jigokudani Park. Those images were taken very close to Nagano. While here, you can also visit the largest wooden temple in Japan, the Zeniko-ji, and learn more about ninja fighters in the Minzoku-kan museum.

Ottawa, Canada

Did you know that Ottawa is host to the largest winter festival in the world? Every winter the Winterlude Festival is held here between February 2 and 19. It is a world-famous event, popular for its beautiful ice sculptures, theater performances and concerts. One of the most important attraction for both locals and tourists is the world’s largest ice skating rink, formed on the Rideau Channel, part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Granada, Andralusia, Spain

Near the African coast, the temperatures in the Andalusian region of Spain can get fairly low. Nevertheless, it is still a more than wonderful destination. Here you can discover Al-Hambra, a Moroccan monument that represents Islamic architecture. The whole city is considered to be an open-air museum.

Athens, Greece

One of the most amazing European cities, equally beautiful during both summer and winter, Athens welcomes millions of tourists every year, who are looking to explore and get to know the myths of Olympus.

Athens is one of the cities you must also visit in the winter, because during this period the city is not so crowded, so you can get the most out of your trip. This is the best time to explore Greek heritage, learn about local culture and culinary art.

Budapest, Hungary

If you want to go to a place where you’ll feel like home, there is nothing better than Budapest. The Varosligeti Mujegpalya Central Park has a large ice skating rink suitable for all ages, where you and your family will have lots of fun! At night, take a walk along the banks of the Danube, a Hungarian version of the Seine. If it gets too cold, you can try out one of Budapest’s many thermal baths.

Prague, Czech Republic

During winter, there aren’t so many tourists in Prague — which makes it a great place for a blissful and relaxing vacation. You can now get to experience those areas that are usually only used by locals, and get a good idea of how everyday life is in this beautiful European city. Get to experience a big variety of traditional dishes, take lots of selfies, photograph the famous buildings beautifully showcasing their romantic architecture, and return home with unforgettable memories!

Paris , France

One has many reasons to visit the “City of Lights”, Europe’s cultural capital during winter. Discover the world’s largest fashion houses, visit one of the most luxurious castles in the world – the Versailles Palace, or taste exquisite coffee in one of the many coffeeshops offering beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower.

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