Beautiful German Islands That You Must Visit

When talking about islands, there’s a special place in any frequent traveler’s imagination, that suddenly pops up. Islands are characterized by being extremely romantic, providing the peace and tranquility sought by those who want to stay away from the worries of everyday life.

It’s a known thing that when thinking to go on a beach vacation, Germany is probably near the end of your possible destinations list. However, as surprising as it might sound, Germans don’t need to go to the Caribbean or the Maldives to see these endless blue horizons. They have islands of their own!

Yes, this is true. Germany has about 50 islands in both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In this article we will highlight the most important islands that visitors come to from all over the world.

Sylt Island – The Queen of the North: The reputation of this beautiful high-end island, home during the summer for a lot of celebrities and millionaires, has been compared to islands such as Martha’s Vineyard on the shores of the United States and the French city of Saint Tropez. There is a range of bars, such as the famous Sansibar, and fine restaurants such as Söl’ring amongst many other famous German restaurants.

Sylt Island has a lot to offer, as it is rather long (40 kilometers) and narrow, connected to the mainland through express train. The annual World Cup windsurfing competition is on this island. It also features a group of beautiful lighthouses which look like they belong in a fairytale, centuries-old huts covered by thick straw roofs, and a mysterious 5,000-year-old burial chamber.

This island easily contains all the conditions that make it a great candidate for the most beautiful summer vacation you can spend.

Rügen is the largest island in Germany, and is characterized by having a great combination of nature, history and architecture, such as any small country. It has 60 kilometers of sandy beaches, and this Baltic island is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for most of Berlin ’s population, being only 300 km away from the capital.

Historically speaking, this island has been the subject of many personalities who influenced the history of Germany such as Bismarck, Albert Einstein and Christopher Eckerwood, who spent their vacations here before the start of the World War 2. Another famous visitor was the romantic painter “Caspar David Friedrich”, who captured this mesmerizing island with its mysterious beauty in his later drawings.

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