The Bahamas – one of the most beautiful islands on Earth

The extremely beautiful beaches and their unique landscapes make the Bahamas one of the most popular travel destinations, visited by millions of tourists every year. There are a lot of various attractions related to culture and history in this country, but like most islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas may be a costly destination for many tourists. But planning your trip here thoroughly and smart can help you visit this beautiful place for a fairy affordable amount.

In this article, we’re happy to show you some great tips you can use in order to enjoy an unforgettable trip to the Bahamas without having to pay an enormous price.

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Accommodation: Accommodation in the Bahamas is generally fairly expensive and there are a few hostels, but you can find a lot of guest houses and budget hotels at reasonable prices. You will typically pay at least $95 (or 95 BSD, the two currencies are equal) per room per night in a 2-star budget hotel with 2 beds. This typically includes basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a TV and private bathrooms.

For the best deal possible you can check out the prices on Airbnb, where you can rent either a room from a private apartment or an entire house. Often times, these apartments are located in the central districts at a much better cost per night from the hotel. You can find entire apartments at a starting price of about $50 but you’ll definitely find nicer apartments if you put search for something priced $90 per night and above.

Food: Usually, prices are about $8 for a fish meal with a side dish and dessert, which is a fairly reasonable price for Bahamas. However, you’ll also find a lot of American and British foods that will cost you anywhere between US $17-25. There is also often a mandatory 15% charge on your bill for services, so keep this in mind when you make a payment. If you plan to cook your meals at home, you would usually pay around $60 a week for typical groceries such as pasta, meats, salad, etc.

Transportation: If you are visiting Freeport or Nassau, a minibus ride is definitely the cheapest transportation method, at only $1.25, but unfortunately they only run until 18:00.

Another option is the famous water taxi, which leaves every hour from Nassau to Paradise Island, and costs $6. There are also affordable boats from Nassau to the outer islands and cost about $45 in any direction. But if you choose to go this way, make sure to plan carefully because they may take between 12-48 hours. All things considered, inter island flights by local airlines are the best option.

Activities: Diving, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins and fishing trips can will cost about $150 each, but they truly are a great way to experience the beauty of these islands if you can afford it. Other indoor activities, such as the Pirates of Nassua Museum and Garden of the Groves in Grand Bahama are much more affordable attractions, priced around $13-15.

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