Andalusia – Learn more about Islamic tourism in Spain

The state of Spain, located in southwestern Europe, was ruled by Islam from the 8th century until the 15th century, and it used to be called Andalusia. Centuries during which the Muslims left wonderful Islamic monuments in Spain.

Despite the conversion of mosques to churches and the changing of some features of Islamic civilization there, there are a few Islamic landmarks which remained steadfast today, but contributed to the revitalization of tourism to Spain.

Let’s take on a journey together to Andalusia, and get to know some of the most important landmarks of the Islamic civilization! We will learn about the biggest Islamic monuments in Spain that still exist to this day, which today turned into tourist attractions and destinations for thousands annually.

Cathedral of the Cordoba Mosque

The cathedral in Cordoba was a mosque in the era of Islamic civilization, a UNESCO world heritage. The cathedral is decorated in Islamic and Christian architecture. It has a beautiful garden with a grand courtyard with many small trees.

To visit the place you need to take an inexpensive trip from the train station or the airport in Cordoba. The bus ticket is 6.60 euros. Regarding accommodation, one of the most important hotels in Córdoba is the X Conquistador Hotel, located in front of the cathedral of the Córdoba Mosque, which offers a perfect view of the beautiful landmark from all windows of its rooms. In addition, the hotel features an Andalusian-inspired architecture.

Alhambra Palace – Granada

The Al Hamra Palace is a castle in the beautiful city of Granada overlooking the city, and there are many Islamic monuments that stand between beautiful water features and expansive squares. The Islamic architecture is clearly reflected in the buildings of the palace, through the detailed decorations in the carpets and the writing of Quranic verses and supplications. To reach the Alhambra Palace, there are various transport routes from the city center where you can take bus number 30 and 32 for €1.20. You also need to buy a ticket, which will set you back 15.40 euros. Nearby is the 4-star Alhambra Palace Hotel. The nearest Alhambra hotel is located outside its gardens and offers stunning views over Granada. Features an exterior and interior design inspired by the Alhambra.

Mosque of Andalusia – Malaga

The Al-Andalus Mosque is located in the city of Malaga. The mosque has a twenty-five-meter silo. The mosque was built by King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. It is one of the largest mosques in Europe, covering an area of ​​4,000 meters. To reach the mosque you can take bus C1 and bus A for a half hour trip, for about 2 euros.

Andalusian bronchus in Malaga

This is an Amazigh military barracks built during the Islamic rule of Andalusia. In the great cities of Andalusia, Granada, Gian, Córdoba, Antequera, the Citadel of Beni Said, the Kasbah of Wadi Ashe, Marda, Malaga and the San Gorge, the Muslims set up bars in the great Andalusian cities, with the purpose of defending the region and the surrounding areas. To go to the Malaga Ramp, take bus No. 35 and to get to the Casbah you need to buy a bus ticket for about 2.20 euros.

Paradise of the corporal in Granada

It was a place for a stroll and recreation for the kings of Granada. The place is decorated with various Islamic inscriptions that were later obliterated. To visit the palace you have to take the bus number 30 or 32, and the ticket will cost you 1.20 euros. To enter the palace you need to buy another ticket for 7 euros. Nearby is the 4-star Alexis Hotel, a 10-minute walk from the Cretan Garden and the Alhambra. It offers a relaxing atmosphere for its customers through its beautiful location surrounded by mountains.

Jafarieh Palace – Zaragoza City

The palace is located in the city of Zaragoza and is characterized by its circular highlights that are characteristics of the Arab and Eastern Arabian palaces. The place is an important Islamic landmark in Zaragoza, bringing many tourists every year. To get to the place you have to take the bus 34, and then 51. The price of the bus ticket is 1.80 euros.

Qantara de Cordoba

Qantara Qortoba is an Islamic landmark located on the Grand Canyon River of Cordoba. It is about 400 meters long, 40 meters wide and 30 meters high. Most hotels in Cordoba organize tours to visit El Qantara ,for a price between 20 and 115 euros.

Jerez Castle in Seville

A defensive complex and an Islamic teacher rich in Islamic culture in terms of its bathrooms and various halls. The building has been a historic landmark since 1931. The castle is close to the city of Seville and Qadash and has a lot of commercial and strategic importance. To visit the castle, you can take the train from Seville for around 20 euros.

Almonaster la Real   

The Islamic landmark “Almonaster la Real” is located in Monastir, La Real, and built on the ruins of an ancient temple. The mosque was registered as a historic landmark in 1931 and has much historic and artistic value, as it is the only mosque that has preserved its original structure. Tours to view the city and its landmarks are organized daily from Seville, at a cost of 30 euros.

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