Amazing sights in Finland

Finland is a country located in the northern part of the European continent, between Sweden and Russia. Famous worldwide for its extremely efficient health system, but especially for their education system, Finland has increasingly attracted the attention of foreigners, becoming in the last decade one of the most important destinations in Europe.

With thriving urban development, animals, plants and stunning landscapes that seem to emerge from another world, Finland has plenty of beautiful places worth visiting.

Going through the most impressive places in this country, we recommend the following 7 tourist attractions for those traveling for the first time in these regions: 

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Kemi Snow Castle. Every year, Kemi, a small town in Finnish Lapland, located on the shore of the Botanical Bay, invites its visitors to explore the largest ice castle in the world. The hotel is built every year, in early winter, and melts in the spring. From year to year, its architectural design is more and more spectacular, but the structure remains the same. It consists of a hotel, a restaurant (where even the cups are made of ice), an art gallery and a small chapel. Travelers from all over the world come here to visit the impressive castle, many of them choosing to even get married at the chapel inside.

The Snow Castle is open from January to April, when the temperatures are low, but from 2020 there is a plan to build the castle in a certain way in order to last throughout the whole year.

Santa’s house in Rovaniemi. Certainly, we all dreamed at one point to visit Santa at his home. Well, in Finland you will have this wonderful opportunity. In the north of the country, more specifically the town of Rovaniemi, you will be able to live everything you imagined during your childhood! Here you will find Santa and Mrs. Christmas in their little house, you will be able to visit a school of elves, a school of calligraphy where you can write a letter to Santa and a post office from which the elves collect the letters they receive throughout the year.

Northern Lights in Lapland. Lapland is not only attractive because it hosts the village of Santa Claus, but also because it is one of the best places on the planet from which you can see the fascinating aurora borealis. The chances of seeing this glorious spectacle of nature are extremely high on clear, starry nights in winter. Enjoy the incredible experience created by the evanescent shades of green, blue, yellow, purple and red from the sky, which will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna. Dating from the fifteenth century, the castle is famous for being the northernmost fortress of medieval stone still standing. With three colossal towers dominating the entire domain, the castle was built on a rocky island in the Kyronsalmi Strait that connects the Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi lakes, with the role of protecting the land from invading enemies.

To reach the castle, you will have to walk through a series of really interesting bridges, and inside you will find a maze of towers and beautiful chapels.

The medieval town of Porvoo. Porvoo is one of the six medieval cities of Finland and the second oldest city in the country. Wander around the city’s charming statues and enjoy the historic atmosphere of the place. Admire the red-painted wooden buildings near the Porvoonjoki River, cobbled alleys and idyllic parks.

Siida Museum. Located on the picturesque Inari Lake, the Siida Museum is designed to tell the story of the Sami people, the Lappians in Finland who formed a semi-nomadic tribe.

Considered to be one of the best museums in the country, Siida Museum presents a collection of nature exhibits, as well as photo galleries and interactive information sections. Extremely interesting are also the galleries that present the history of Sami from ancient times to the modern days, the rotating galleries and the theater, where you will have the opportunity to attend a fascinating show about the Northern Lights.

Helsinki Senate Square. The first stop you must make when visiting the capital of Finland is the Senate Square, surrounded by a unique and cohesive example of neoclassical architecture. The square is dominated by four buildings designed by Carl Ludvig Engel between 1822 and 1852: Helsinki Cathedral (whose building is the most photographed in the entire country), the Government Palace, the main building of the University of Helsinki and the National Library of Finland. Also in the Senate Square you will find the oldest stone building in Helsinki, the Sederholm House. It was built in 1757 and is currently hosting a café and several art exhibitions.

Finland has a lot of tourist attractions and activities to enjoy both throughout the winter and the summer. Whether you are a fan of unique natural landscapes, a culture enthusiast, a person interested in architecture or just a tourist who is looking forward to unique and amazing experiences, Finland is a destination that you will definitely enjoy! 

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