Amazing hotels you will not believe they are existed

Some tourists really love staying at the finest hotels ever wherever they go. The interest in building luxury hotels seems to be increasing now more than ever before. The world’s largest companies are seeking to create everlasting architectural pieces of art, competing in offering the best services they possibly can.

Check out our list of the top 10 hotels around the world, either open or about to open soon.

Salt & Water Floating Hotels

The concept of a hotel built on water in full harmony with nature, without any inconveniences, has finally become a reality. The design of these hotels consists of two parts: the main floating body (where there’s a reception, restaurant, coffee places and offices), and separate boats built as rooms and hotel apartments, each of which can accommodate four guests. The apartments include a living room, bedroom, bathroom and storage room.

Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji)

The first hotel to be built under the water completely, this project surely cost a lot of money. It should have been open since 2008 and about 150,000 people were registered on the hotel’s website. The hotel consists of 70% acrylic glass, so you can relax in the hotel rooms and enjoy the view around you, feeling like you’re living in a giant aquarium.

Crescend Hotel (Azerbaijan)

The Crescent Development Project is a huge commercial project in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, stretching over an area of ​​450,000 square meters. It is expected to be one of the most successful hotels in the world and will include a shopping area, a residential one and a 33-story commercial tower. This 7-star hotel built on the Caspian Sea was expected to be ready in 2017.

Keemala Resort (Phuket, Thailand)

The apartments of this resort are in the shape of a bird’s nest and its bathrooms are carved into rock. This are a few of the distinguishable characteristics the Keemala Hotel in Thailand. It was built in an area far from crowds and congestion, in the middle of beautiful green forests, providing a wonderful view of the Kamala village and the Andaman Sea. This hotel is already open.

Gangneung Hotel (South Korea)

Waiting for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, this beautifully designed hotel is just to remind you of a dream vacation on the beach in Gangneung. It will be launched before the opening of the Olympic Games, and its visitors will be able to enjoy its unique beauty, which includes a mix of apartments and hotel rooms (956 in total), together with plenty of amenities.

Shanghai Shimao Wonderland (China)

The Shimao Wonderland hotel built near the Sheshan National Forest, and is a 5-star hotel with 19 floors and 380 luxury rooms offering unique views. The property, owned by the InterContinental Group will be only three floors above sea level, and the rest built inside an abandoned quarry. The hotel will be designed to look like a waterfall flowing from the valley. The 5 star hotel already openeded in late 2017.

Lofoten Opera Hotel (Norway)

The project should be ready in 2020, and is located in the west of the Lofoten area in Moskenes (Norway). On a ​​11,000 square meters area, the building designed by Snohetta will have an interesting shape, curved at the top. The property will function as a hotel but cover different areas, from apartments to resorts and even an amphitheater.

Royal Atlantis ( Dubai )

The Royal Atlantis Hotel is designed by renowned architect Kohn Pedersen Fox and aims to become the new Dubai facade, offering beautiful suspended gardens and infinity pools. The hotel is seeking the success of its “brother” Atlantis in Dubai. It will consist of 780 rooms and will cost US $1.4 billion to build. The luxurious hotel was set to be opened in 2017.

City of Dreams Hotel Tower (Macau)

Consisting of 40 floors and 150,000 square meters with 780 apartments and penthouses, City of Dreams is one of the latest projects by the famous architect Zaha Hadid in Macau. The hotel is made up of two towers connected at the base and the upper part to form the letter “O”, and began to receive visitors in the first half of 2017.

Dawang Mountain Resort (China)

A huge project combining a hotel with an indoor ski slope, a water park, restaurants, shopping areas and even a 61-meter waterfall built on 120,000 square meters. The 5-star hotel will be a 100-meter tower with 270 rooms and suites, as well as 60 penthouse apartments, lounges and a presidential suite with six rooms. The last deadline for the opening of this hotel was 2016.

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