Here are the absolute best Travel Tips, as recommended by experts (1)

We all want to travel and visit as many places around the world as we can, but some of us may not be ready for all the adventures we might encounter while traveling. In this collection of articles we will share some of the best and most useful travel tips, to help you make your journeys more pleasant and unique. Some of them may also be helpful to many of us, even in our everyday lives.

Being patient is extremely important in life: You have to understand that life is too short to be angry and upset all the time. If you miss your bus, for example, you shouldn’t stress yourself too much about it. The ATM is out of money? No problem, just go by foot to another ATM. This has happened to many people who have been on the road. It’s important to use every opportunity to your advantage — take a walk and get to explore new places that may be much more beautiful than you dreamed of. Just take a deep breath, and always remember that things could be worse.

Waking up early: Try to always wake up at sunrise, so you can take the opportunity to visit the most important attractions early, before the crowds arrive. This is also the best time to take wonderful pictures, because of the natural sunlight. Then, there’s also the fact that since the streets are much quieter, you can get a chance to interact more with the locals — not to mention that the streets are much safer at earlier hours.

Always have some extra cash: Cash money is your best ally when traveling. Packing some extra cash with you may actually save you in an emergency. Make sure to always keep a few hundred dollars somewhere safe in your bag. If you lose your wallet, or your credit card suddenly decides to stop working, or if the ATM is out of money, you’ll be so happy that you have an extra stash. Thank us later.

Get to meet locals: Sometimes it’s a great choice to socialize with the local people instead of other travelers, as English is widely used around the world. Communication will most usually be easier than you think, especially when you combine hand gestures and body language. Try to always learn as much as you can from the locals, as you’ll often return home with much more knowledge from them, than the same tourist attractions you always visit. Local people can really provide you with a better insight of what their culture really is about!

Observe the daily lives of the people around you: If you really want to feel the pulse of where you are, we recommend you spend a few hours sitting in a park, or on a busy street corner so you can get a glimpse of everyday life in that particular country, watching it occur in front of you. Pay attention to all the details around you: odors, colors, human interactions and sounds. It’s a kind of meditation, and you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.

Take a lot of photos: Some of the places you will be visiting and people you will be meeting, you’ll only see once in your lifetime. However, the pictures that you take will stay with you forever, and they cost nothing. Photos are a great way to share the experiences you’ve lived with others, and they don’t take any space in your luggage!

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