A summer trip Montenegro – places worth checking out


With delightful mountain views, colorful seaside ports, idyllic bays of the Adriatic Sea, old Venetian villages and UNESCO-listed historic cities, it is surprising that Montenegro’s charm still remains to be explored more by locals and neighbors in the other Balkan states. But thanks to the new cruise routes, the opening of high-quality hotels and the growing interest of travelers to explore the spectacular landscapes here, Montenegro promises to quickly become one of the most sought-after destinations on the Adriatic Sea and beyond.

Although it has small dimensions, this beautiful country has a lot of natural wonders.

Here are some of the most interesting attractions you’ll see during your next trip to Montenegro:

Budva. In the most sought-after destinatino in Montenegro you will find beaches, cruise ships, medieval buildings and charming marble streets. Budva Riviera is bordered by beautiful yachts, and provides the city’s most vibrant nightlife. If you want a few hours of sunbathing, we recommend visiting Jaz Beach, known for its Sea Dance Festival, which it hosts in the last days of August. Probably the most photographed place in Budva is the Old Town, called Stari Grad, with its marble streets and Venetian walls coming out of the crystalline waters. Here you will find several important sights, including the Citadel, the Budva Museum, the Modern Art Gallery and several stone churches.

Kotor. Considered one of the best-preserved medieval towns on the Adriatic coast, the fortified city of Kotor is surrounded by steep mountains that surround the deep channels of the Bay of Kotor. Although the city’s architecture conveys the imprints of the various empires that have led the region, Kotor still has a Venetian vibration, especially given by the 12th century Tryphon Cathedral.

Tara Canyon. The bridge that rises 150 meters above the Tara River is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. Rich in dense pine forests and clear lakes of an incredible turquoise blue, the 82-mile canyon is one of the deepest and largest in the world, dividing the mountains of the Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tara Canyon is also one of the most spectacular rafting places in Europe.

Lake Skadar. Another tourist attraction not to be missed on a trip to Montenegro is Lake Skadar, the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. The lake extends both on the surface of Montenegro and on the territory of Albania and is a paradise of wildlife, especially birds (it is the largest bird reserve in Europe), featuring karst mountains with a rich vegetation and a multitude of lilly fields.

Take a boat trip and ride around the lake! You will get the opportunity to visit Rijeka Krenovica, the former medieval capital of Montenegro.

Durmitor National Park. Located around the Žabljak Mountain Village, Durmitor National Park is a must-see for wildlife lovers and hiking enthusiasts. Located in the Dinaric Alps, the park includes the highest peaks of the Durmitor Massif, 18 glacial lakes and the Tara River with its spectacular canyon. Skiing and snowboarding are the main winter activities in the area, while rafting, camping and mountain hiking attract visitors during the warm season. Wildlife of the park includes 163 species of birds, but also mammals, ranging from wild boars to brown bears and a multitude of other unique species.

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