A Beautiful 4-day Trip to Rome


For those of you who wish to take on a magical 4 day journey, to a city full of history dating from thousands of years ago, reaching record levels in development and tourism, we gladly invite you to travel to Rome, the capital of Italy.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities of the world, there’s so many attractions you can visit, it’s almost impossible to visit it entirely in only a few days. In this article we will provide you with a four-day itinerary through the interest points we consider to be the most important, highlighting the great Roman history.

From the ruins of the old city, to the Baroque Museum, and from Vatican to the Italian Renaissance – we promise you’ll enjoy your stay in Rome. Without any further introduction, let’s jump straight to the travel plans!

Day 1: Your first stop should definitely be the Colosseum – the symbol of the city of Rome, dating from nearly 2,000 years. On the right side of the Colosseum you will find the Arc of Constantine, Rome’s famous Arc de Triomphe. Within walking distance, you will find the Palatine Hill, considered to be one of the most important archeological monuments of Rome. It was there that Romulus began to establish the city in 753 BC.

Moving down the Via dei Fori Imperiali, we will find the Roman Forum, considered to be the political, financial and religious center of the city of Rome. On the opposite side you will have a chance to look at the Imperial Forum. It is followed by the Piazza del Campidoglio, which has been the government’s center since the 12th century. The stunning Michelangelo square is surrounded by the Capitoline Museums, one of the oldest national museums in the world.

You should then proceed to walk on the Via del Corso, the main street of the ancient historic city of Rome, one of the greatest masterpieces of architecture throughout history. There you’ll find Pantheon, a magnificent structure designed for all the great gods in Rome. If you change your direction towards the Tiber, you will find yourself in one of the most prominent plazas in Rome, Piazza Navona.

The Piazza di Spagna, situated in one of the most elegant areas of the historic center of Rome. If you get to stop here, make sure to take a moment and admire the picturesque stairs, designed by Francesco De Sanctis.

Day 2: The Vatican City – visitors come here from all over the world, being enchanted by the beauty of its famous church: The Church of St. Peter. It is said that there’s no single picture that can capture the beauty of this place as it is; one would need to visit himself to get an understanding of how amazing this place is.

Since you are here, make sure to visit the Vatican Museum and learn about its vast artistic richness, produced over many centuries throughout history.

Towards the end of the road you will reach the castle of St. Angelo, a medival castle built on the ruins of the tom of Emperor Hadrian in the second century AD. From there, go to the beautiful Trastevere area for a pleasant walk through its many alleys that still portray the old Roman architecture. There you will also find a large number of restaurants and café places, for an enjoyable evening.

Day 3: Since you also have another extra day, we recommend to spend this one away from the historical center of the city, and head towards the vast archaeological site of Ostia Antica. You will there find huge, archeologic treasures that will give you a good glimpse of what the ancient Roman city once was, and allow you to understand more about how the everyday life was back then – definitely much harder than it is now.

On your return from Ostia Antica, make sure to go to the San Paolo station and walk towards the commercial residential district of Eur, to get a good look into modern Rome.

Day 4: You could spend the last day on your trip to Rome in parks, such as the Villa Borghese public park, where you can find a beautiful exquisite art gallery – the Borghese Gallery. In the afternoon, I would suggest visiting the catacombs of Appia Antica, an underground graveyard located outside the walls of the city, as the burial of the dead back then was prohibited in residential areas.

Rome is surely one of the most beautiful places on Earth. One might even say that it is impossible to visit this beautiful city, even in a 7 day stay. However, rest assured that the points of interest that we’ve gathered here are certainly going to give you a good glimpse into what Rome is all about.

We’ve recommended this itinerary to many friends of ours who were visiting Rome for the first time, and they were all quite impressed, to say the least.

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