7 traditional dishes to try in the Netherlands


There are places in certain parts of the world that are widely known for their culinary richness in traditional and local dishes, and the Netherlands is a perfect example of this. It is famous for all kinds of traditional and modern dishes. Although the dishes in the “Windmill country” may not be as popular or famous as French or German cuisine, there are still some delicious and tasty Dutch dishes with a long and interesting history.

When you visit the Netherlands you shouldn’t miss out on finding more abut the country’s cuisine. So, we’ve put together a list of the most popular Dutch dishes you can try when you arrive in the Netherlands:

Broodje Garnalen. It is a sandwich with shrimp and sauce that can be found at most fish markets in the Netherlands. Although, for some, the shrimp in the sandwich might not not very appealing, we assure you that their taste is more than delicious and it might just change your view. You can have it for breakfast and lunch, while strolling around through the elegant streets of Amsterdam.

Kibbeling. Kibbeling is another great snack to take on the streets of Amsterdam or when you go to the beach in Noordwijk. This fried fish is popular with all locals in the Netherlands and can be found at all fish and chips kiosks in the country. When you order it, you will be asked by the seller what sauce you prefer. We recommend you choose the tartar sauce.

Rookworst. Rookworst is a sausage dish made from minced meat mixed with spices and salt, and is often served in Stamppot, which is a traditional Dutch preparation made from a combination of mashed potatoes with different vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, cabbage or onion. Rookworst is available in all supermarkets and butchers in the Netherlands, but Slagerij Vet in De Wallen is the most popular place.

Appeltaart. Did you know that apple pie is a traditional Dutch preparation? Appeltaart is, more precisely, composed of two slices of sweet dough, with a generous filling of apple slices flavored with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. The most commonly used apple varieties in this dessert are Elstar, Gala and Goudreinet, because they are crispy and not very sweet.

Most Dutch people say the tastiest appeltaart can be found in Winkel or Papeneiland, both in Jordaan, near Noorderkerk. These places are so popular that they probably sell thousands of such pies every weekend.

Raw Herring. Certainly, this Dutch delicacy is not to everyone’s taste. However, it is extremely popular among locals and tourists, being found at almost every stand with fish dishes in the country. It can be eaten in a pan, but most often it is eaten without bread, only with raw onions and cucumbers. This dish is not intended for people who are not used to eating fish, but it must be tried at least by travelers who come to the Netherlands especially to get to know its cuisine.

Poffertjes. The Netherlands is well known for its gastronomy with delicious fish dishes and wonderful desserts. One of these desserts is Poffertjes, which consists of fluffy mini pancakes covered with various toppings. Ideal for breakfast, these pancakes are not only tasty, but also easy to digest and can be found both in restaurants and at street food stands in Amsterdam and in the other big cities in the Netherlands.

Stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are very popular in the Netherlands, and can also be found in cafes in different parts of the world, especially in Starbucks cafes. There are some thin layers of Neapolitan stuffed with syrup and often flavored with caramel. Because they are a little sweet, they are great complemented by a cup of coffee.

Now that you have a good idea of ​​the most important dishes you can try in the Netherlands, it is time to start planning your next visit to the land of the windmills!

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