Tanzania – One of the Most Popular Destinations in Africa


The country offers things that will be loved by all the tourists who visit it: fantastic landscapes, breathtaking safari excursions and exciting the open air adventures.

These are all attractions that fit the budget of pretty much all tourists who come here. As this country is one of the largest in the African continent, it is quite possible that the desire to explore all that it has to offer can not be met – especially when you don’t have a lot of time. For a successful trip, you can focus on the main attractions of Tanzania or choose the ones that interest you most.

A walk on Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the mandatory activities in Tanzania. Whether you are an experienced or beginner trekker, you will surely find a route that suits your skills and that will give you some of the most wonderful views you may ever see.

There are well marked tracks of the mountain for lighter trails, but if you’re thinking to get to the top, you can not do this without having to ask for help from an experienced guide. Plan the climb to the top around sunrise for an unforgettable trip.

If you are not passionate about such an exhausting walk, but you like the idea of living a state of beatitude in a tropical paradise, then a visit to Zanzibar Island is a must. You can swim on sandy white beaches where you can tan or swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

You can even arrange an excursion where you have the chance to play with dolphins. Exploring underwater gardens, of a truly rare beauty, must also not be missed. Alternatively, wander around the Stone City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where it does not even feel when time passes.

Another awesome thing to do is witness the great annual migration from a hot air balloon, and just be amazed at this incredible show of the nature. Trust us – words are simply not enough to describe this magical and almost unbelievable experience.

Spend a few days in Dar es Salaam, one of the largest cities in Tanzania. It is the right place to experience the vibrant culture of the area. Explore the colorful squares of the city if you are looking for the perfect gift or just want to take a stroll in the afternoon.

Tanzania is the place where some of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites are located, dating back to the Stone Age. Discover the Isimila Gorge and the prehistoric location near Kolo. Check out the rock paintings and be amazed at the sight of some of the earliest testimonies of the mankind’s art. Do not forget to also visit the the Olduvai Gorge and the museum here, where you can find the ancient history of the region, thanks to the efforts of the Leakey family in the early 1930s.

For one of the best safari experiences, check out the southern part of the region in the Ruaha National Park. Iringa is the perfect place to start your wild adventure, because here you find more wild animals than tourists, making it the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure.

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