6 tourist areas to be visited in Europe at least once


When it comes to culture and great places to visit, Europe is the perfect destination for tourists everywhere. If you’re planning a trip through Europe, you’ll get to see hundreds of extraordinary attractions that you won’t forget for long. Here are our recommendations for a list of the most beautiful European sights that must be visited at least once in your life.

Eiffel Tower in Paris – France

The Eiffel Tower is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe, but also in the whole world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists passing through Paris visit this stunning 324-meter building. From the top you will have a special view, which makes you feel that you have conquered the whole city. If your budget allows, the Eiffel Tower also has a fine restaurant, ideal for a romantic dinner for two.

The Colosseum in Rome – Italy

If you are passionate about history and want to travel in time, you have to reach the Colosseum in Rome. The amphitheater, dating from the 1st century AD, is one of the largest ruins of the Roman Empire. This runway witnessed the famous wrestling battles.

Sagarada Famila in Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona’s huge church is at the top of the list with the most important tourist attractions in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Sagrada Familia every year, as the view of the cathedral is puely stunning both from the inside and outside. The construction was built by architect Anthony Gaudi, and construction began in 1882. It is estimated that the monument will be fully completed only from 2026 to 2028, more than 100 years after Gaudi’s death.

Buckingham Palace, London , UK

After many alterations and renovations, Buckingham Palace became the royal residence of British monarchy in 1837, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Currently, the monumental building in London is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Most of them come to watch the guard change that happens every day at 11:00.

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna РAustria

The Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna is one of the goals you should not miss if you are vacationing in Europe. The building has 141 rooms, some of which are open to the public. It has amazing views of the gardens surrounding the palace which can be visited for free.

Sistine Chapel in the Vatican

The Sistine Chapel at the Papal Palace in the Vatican is known around the world because of the special frescoes painted by Michelangelo. Built between 1477 and 1480, the church depicts several key moments in the Bible, the most famous of which is the creation of Adam. The Sistine Chapel is one of the most important art treasures in Europe, and is also the venue of the Cardinal meetings when a new pope is elected.

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