5 reasons to visit Cusco – The City of the Sun


South America is impressive and very different from what you can discover in Europe. It is good, therefore, to allow yourself enough time to each city you visit here, because you’ll find plenty of beautiful and unique attractions.

A clear example is Cusco, a city also known as “Peruvian Tourism Capital” or “City of the Sun”. The two names are justifiable, as the city is the starting point for the most important circuits to Macchu Picchu and incredible adventures to Rainbow Mountain or the sites of the Sacred Valley.

Cusco is the old Quechuan capital (precursors of the Incas), which is a more than convincing argument for those who love history and culture.

Why visit Cusco?

Plaza Mayor. Also called Plaza de Armas, it is the main market of the city. Here you can find most of the sights sought after by any visitor, such as the Cusco Cathedral, the Jesuit Church or the Natural History Museum. Walking through the market you will discover colonial buildings with very interesting carved wooden balconies or an extraordinary panorama of the surrounding hills.

Traditional markets. Somehow, in the markets filled with vegetables, fruits and other goodies you can best capture the breath of a city. This is the case in Cusco, where the traditional market is extremely colorful and the products are very cheap. Here you can find spices, vegetables and unique meat preparations.

Numerous cities, ruins and museums. To get to know better what Peruvian and Cuscu life is like, it is good to visit the museums, fortresses and ruins. The Inka Museum is the one that will shape the image of the Inca Empire very well and the fortress Sacsaywaman (House of the Sun), the Quorikancha Temple (the Temple of the Sun) or the Ruins of Qorikcancha are tangible evidence of this interesting civilization. Walking along the same path you can find other archaeological sites, fortifications and museums, such as the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.

The opportunity to see Machu Picchu. From Cusco You can easily go to Machu Picchu. It is an incredibly beautiful Inca village, dating back to the 15th century. Around this city there are lots of myths and some very interesting puzzles. Here you can find fortifications, royal palaces or simple dwellings built exclusively of stone, and what is truly impressive is that they are all 5000 meters high.

Landscapes. Cusco is one of the cities of the world that can offer you incredibly beautiful landscapes and unlimited possibilities when it comes to hiking. Not only do you enjoy the main objectives you find in all the guides, but try to venture into hiking less approached by tourists. In addition to discovering incredible landscapes, you will be able to talk to locals and learn more about their way of life.

It is worth spending a few days in Cusco. From the way Peruvians wear to narrow streets, unique architecture and landscapes, we are sure that everything will impress you.

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