5 great places around the world you’re not allowed to visit


Although there are many popular destinations around the world that we all get to see sooner or later, there are a few sites that, although may be very spectacular and popular among travel enthusiasts, are not open to the public. This is because either they are protected for legal reasons or contain very important information and secrets and would be very dangerous for the public to visit.

Even if the chances of getting to one of the following places are close to 0, we are gratifying our curiosity with some information that is closely related to them. Here are the most spectacular destinations in the world that cannot be visited.

  1. Snake island, Brazil

Although the fear of snakes is almost as common as fear of heights or darkness, this does not prevent experienced explorers to dream of a visit to the Serpent Island. The 43 hectare area, located about 20 miles from Sao Paolo, is home to some of the most dangerous snakes. The over 4,000 snakes on the island have led the Brazilian authorities to ban visitors, except for very few researchers sent annually to the area to gather new data.

  1. North Sentinel Island

We turn our attention now to another island, which, just like the previous one, is inaccessible due to its inhabitants. If in the previous case, the “inhabitants” were the thousands of snakes walking around the entire area of the island, North Sentinel is almost impossible to visit because of a tribe that declined contact with civilization. Sentinelese is a small community that lives according to its own rules and does not accept any man coming from outside on the territory in which they live. In previous years, several cases have gained popularity, in which those who have come into contact with the island’s locals have been attacked or even killed.

  1. Lascaux Caves in France

The Lascaux caves represent one of the most important evidence of human existence since antiquity. The drawings on the cavern walls date back more than 17,000 years and reflect the animals that lived at the time. Because of the importance of these traces, in 2008, access for the general public has been restricted, with only a limited number of scientists studying the area accessed.

  1. The secret archives of the Vatican

Hidden in the heart of the Vatican, these secret archives contain numerous documents, personal data, letters of correspondence between the Pope and various important personalities, various books and much more. The over 35,000 collection includes letters from Michelangelo, the request for annulment of the marriage sent by King Henry VIII, and a letter from Queen Mary written in the period in which she was expecting the punishment. Access to these documents is only allowed for a very small number of carefully selected people, who are involved in arranging, guarding and conditioning the documents.

  1. The Aldwych Station

While subway stations are the most popular tourist attractions of some other cities, there is a London metro station having a very interesting past, having been completely closed to people and visitors after being abandoned. The Aldwych Metro Station served as a shelter for Londoners during the Second World War and as a repository of works of art. It continued to operate until 1994, when it was finally closed for general public access.

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