5 beautiful places to visit on your trip to Tunisia


Tunisia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years. Located in the north of the African continent, on the coast of the Mediterranean, this country is attracting more and more tourists due to its white sandy beaches, historical ruins, local culture and, last but not least, the refined cuisine. Tunisia is one of the places where you can easily reach both the sea and the desert, offering its visitors unique experiences.

If you want to discover its mysteries and explore its most natural and cultural sights, we recommend you to visit the following 5 tourist attractions:

1. Sousse Medina. The third largest city in the country after Tunis and Sfax, Sousse is recognized as the gateway to Tunisia and is renowned for the production of olive and olive oil. Sousse Medina is located right on the coast and is a former military port appreciated for its beautiful beaches with fine sand, having the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is both a lively tourist resort and a well-preserved historical place, dating from the first centuries of Islam. Visit it for the Arab-Muslim and Mediterranean architecture, especially for the Bou Ftata Mosque, which was erected during the reign of Emir Abbou el Abbas, with inspiration from the famous Sidi Okba Mosque in Kairouan, also located in Tunisia.

2. Grand Erg Oriental. Every visitor to Tunisia should include the largest desert in the world in their travel itinerary. In the Sahara you can easily reach through organized trips from most cities in the country. The Grand Erg Oriental Sand is a huge part of southern Tunisia and is a magical place to visit. The scenes from the famous Star Wars and English Patient film productions were shot right here. The area can be best explored with a jeep or camel ride, but to have an authentic desert experience, we recommend spending a night in a traditional tent. Also, make sure you will not miss Nefta, a place where the most beautiful sand dunes in Tunisia and Chott el Jerid are located, a breathtaking salt lake of amazing size.

3. Nabeul, Hammamet. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Nabeul, a locality that in the past used to be the administrative capital of ancient Mediterranean citizens, native to the Roman era. With a fascinating authentic culture, the picturesque city located about 20 km from Hammamet, now attracts visitors with the multitude of handicraft objects it hosts. Also to visit is Hammamet, a fishing town famous for its beautiful beaches where there is a lot of water sports.

4. Tunis Medina. The most beautiful part of the country’s capital is definitely the old city surrounded by Arab walls, locally called Medina. It is a place full of superb Arabian architecture, which hosts many boutiques and souvenir fairs ranging from gold objects to household goods. Immersed in the past, Tunis Medina offers a taste of life from the era of Arab opulence, which took place from the 12th to the 16th century.

5. Kairouan. Kairouan is the fourth most important holy city in the Muslim religion. The whole city is a true collection of sacred tombs and mosques above which beautiful domes and thin minarets rise. The medina of the city, characterized by narrow labyrinthine alleys and colorful old houses, is a place you should not miss. It will make you feel the pulses of a great ancient civilization. Also to visit is Sebetila, a town about 100 kilometers from Kairouan, which houses one of the most important temples in Tunisia, the Capitoline temple.

Tunisia is a destination that you will not want to miss if you arrive in the north of Africa. It hosts a lot of amazing attractions and will leave you with beautiful memories that you will always cherish!

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