Your Winter Holiday in Sweden’s Ski Resorts

Compared to the Swiss Alps in the south-west, Sweden’s ski culture is more casual and relaxing. The Swedish mountains offer plenty of resorts and snow trails for both professional and amateur skiers.

The ski resorts in Sweden are not hard to find and can offer you a beautiful and memorable winter vacation. Sweden has a wide variety of resorts that meet all levels of skiing experience.

Because the weather in Sweden is cooler than in the Alps, you can ski here from November to early May, but daylight hours are shorter between November and January. This means that if you visit during this period, you’ll only have 5-6 hours to ski on the slopes before it gets dark.

The Scandinavian trip may be expensive if you take everything into consideration, but staying at one of the following resorts can help you slightly lower the budget for your visit to Sweden. Although slightly more expensive than the Swiss Alps, these Swedish ski resorts offer a more relaxed atmosphere and the same excellent facilities.

Åre Resort

Åre is the most popular ski resort in Sweden and is considered to be the largest and most versatile for all levels of skiers, especially for the professionals. This resort offers 40 lifts, plenty of children’s slopes, snowmobile safaris, dog-sled tours and ice climbing. In the summer you can go on hiking or biking trips, try out climbing, or rowing.

The resort is located in central Sweden, 90 km west of Östersund and 150 km east of Trondheim in Norway.

Sälen: 6 resorts into one

Sälen is another one of the most popular resorts among the Swiss people, being a great place for skiers. Sälen offers a total of six ski resorts in one place. Here you can enjoy no less than 160 ski slopes, 9 green slopes, family ski areas and more than 100 lifts. In the summer you can take beautiful walks here and try fishing.

It is located in the south-central Sweden, 90 km west of Mora and 70 km east of the Trysil ski area in Norway.

Vemdalen Resort

Vemdalen is one of the smallest ski resorts in Sweden, offering plenty of scenic views. This ski resort features 53 slopes, 4 children’s slopes and 30 lifts. In the summer you can enjoy horseback riding, fishing, camping and swimming activities here.

The resort is located in central Sweden about 75 km south of Östersund.

Branäs Ski Resort

Branäs offers plenty of accommodation options and its central location makes it easy to reach. Branäs is a family skiing resort offering 6 lifts, 18 slopes, children’s ski areas and snow guns. Summer activities in Branas include hiking and cycling.

Branäs is located 180 km north of Karlstad and 100 km south of Norway’s Trysil ski area and 200 km north-east of Oslo.

Idre Fjäll Resort

The Idre Fjäll Ski Resort is located in the center of Sweden and offers a wide range of activities both throughout winter and summer, including a series of concerts by traditional Swedish and world famous bands. The Idre Fjäll resort invites guests to enjoy the snow races, dog sled  tours, horseback riding and camping. Throughout the year you can also enjoy access to the gym, bowling, indoor pool, as well as plenty of other special events.

Located 140 km northwest of Mora, this resort is relatively small compared to other nearby ones but this does not mean it is less fun in any way!

Lofsdalen Resort: Small but extremely fun

Although Lofsdalen does not offer much in terms of luxury activities or accommodation, this complex provides all the usual facilities at a slightly lower cost, and is generally much less crowded.

Lofsdalen is located 66 km from Sveg and 282 km from Sundsvall. The resort hosts various events, as well as Easter and Christmas celebrations.

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