Here are the absolute best Travel Tips, as recommended by experts (3)

We all want to travel and visit as many places around the world as we can, but some of us may not be ready for all the adventures we might encounter while traveling. In this collection of articles we will share some of the best and most useful travel tips, to help you make your journeys more pleasant and unique. Some of them may also be helpful to many of us, even in our everyday lives.

Eat local dishes: Never think you know the flavor of a country’s food without actually traveling there. When in a new country, the best idea is to ask local people to tell you about their favorite local foods and restaurants. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, even though they could seem peculiar at first — after all, that is the beauty of exploring.

Always say “yes”: Say yes when someone randomly invites you to meet their family, try a new activity, or explore a place you did not know existed. It is these unexpected and unplanned situations that will add a special flavor to your trips, and they always become the best stories you can later tell your friends.

Don’t rush your journey: Do not try to visit 6 countries in just 6 weeks, because beautiful things only happen when you take the time and explore these places in more detail. This is how you find fun and exciting activities, that were not originally planned, and make lots of local friends! Spending more time in the places you visit allows you to get much more fun out of it.

Try out new things: Challenge yourself to try things you wouldn’t normally consider, or that you might be afraid to experience, such as walking in empty places or talking to strangers, both locals and travelers. Or, perhaps, eating foods that may seem unpleasant to you. What makes most trips memorable is experiencing new things and activities!

Take care of your body: Frequent traveling can be tiresome to your body, especially when you quickly move from one place to another. You may find it difficult to maintain your daily routine, or that you not getting enough sleep. You need to remember to always treat your body properly. Get good sleep, eat healthy foods, use sunscreen and remember to exercise!

Stay in touch with family and friends: Remember to contact your family and friends from time to time, or perhaps even surprise them, trying the “classic” way of sending a postcard. It’s true that while you’re traveling, you meet up with new people, but you won’t keep a connection with all of them after you leave. It’s important to always keep in touch with the people close to you — your friends and family.

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