4 reasons to visit Eastern European countries


When we think Europe, usually the first thoughts that come to mind are summer vacations and sights such as Italy, France, Germany and Portugal. But what about other countries, such as the Eastern European ones?

They may not have a charming reputation like the French Riviera and the sunny Spanish coastline, but there are many areas of Eastern Europe that are considered extremely fun and less expensive to visit. In fact, we believe that Eastern European countries are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to visit in the world.

From the Czech Republic to Russia, there is so much to see and do that we promise you’ll fall in love with these states in an instant. Here are some of the most important reasons you’ll absolutely love your holiday in Eastern Europe.


Eastern Europe has many historical tales. They are both terrible and amazing, good and bad, beautiful and ugly at the same time. There is so much to learn here.

Budapest offers a unique look at how formerly independent communities separated by the Danube united, to create one of the most famous cities of Eastern Europe. From medieval castles to monuments built in honor of the Soviet liberation of Hungary from the Nazi forces, it is one of many wonderful cities that must be on the list of every tourist who loves exploring.

In Berlin , you can still learn a lot about segregation, including the iron curtain that lead to the Cold War. As parts of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate continue to be one of the most famous attractions in Berlin, the reminders of the past that separates the communist states of Eastern Europe and the capitalist states of the West are still clear and give a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of Europe as a whole.

Diversity and culture

In relatively small areas of Eastern Europe, you can get to enjoy a variety of different cultures. From Finland to Russia, the cultural scene varies. There are many exciting countries close to each other. Although the East is becoming more Western-like rapidly, you can still enjoy the Bohemian lifestyle in the Czech Republic, and the rich culture of Russia with its wonderful arts, music and ballet.

Even cities like Prague and Krakow are still steeped in wonderful traditions. Graveled streets, horses, carts and many museums and theaters. The best thing is that you’ll get more fun for your money, as in most parts of Eastern Europe you’ll find a huge difference in costs from the Western counterparts.

Food and drinks

If you prefer to eat tasty and healthy foods, you will be very enthusiastic about the Eastern European cuisine. You can find a wide range of traditional and unique dishes, and a different set of dishes for each of the countries you visit. If the local cuisine is your favorite while traveling, touring the eastern part of Europe puts you in the right place to eat.


From picturesque beaches to astonishing mountain landscapes and everything in between, Eastern Europe has everything it needs to attract tourists’ attention.

The Croatian coast has become one of most preferred travel plans for many Britons and it is easy to see why. The white sandy beaches and clear waters of the Adriatic Sea clearly make people fall in love with this place, wishing to return there as soon as they get home.

If you prefer mountains and highlands, the Tatras Mountains are what you should check out. They form the border area between Poland and Slovakia. The granite tops here have been formed over 60 million years ago, and currently attract more than three million visitors a year!

Another popular attraction is river cruising, which offers you the most spectacular views and cruises along the Danube, which flows through Germany, Austria and Hungary.

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