10 Essential Travel Gear You Should Have While On The Road


We always want to find a comfortable “home” away whenever we are travelling. More often than not, we often carry essential travel gear just to keep us easy and relax while at the same time unplugging from routine.

As we don’t want to carry luggage which will slow us down, based on our experience, these are the essential travel gear you should carry whenever you are travelling:

Foot warmers

If you’re heading out to a mountain hike or somewhere chilly near the poles, you’d surely want to own a pair of these. They are basically sleek foot soles which can be inserted in your shoes. They come with a small regulator that you can control the temperature with. So with the snug fit, it warms you up rather than delivering that blazing heat. Foot warmers are not discernible and cool for keeping your toes warm.

Ear plugs

Yes, those tiny plugs you insert on your ears whenever you are in a noisy place. This is all that’s needed when you are in an expedition and you have to track for long periods. Ear plugs also prevent intruders when you lying down or taking a nap.

Luggage tags

The main goal of these is simple: to make it easy for someone to reach you and return your belongings, if your luggage ever gets lots. It may seem a very basic tool, but on the long run it might help you a lot in case you ever need it.

First aid kit

Remember you don’t actually have to carry the whole kit, there are smaller versions available. Just make sure it’s light weighted and contains the essential kits like band aids, antidiarrheals, antihistamines in case you get stung by bees and you are allergic, antibiotics oral or creams and other essential depending on where you are travelling to.

Purifying bottle

From time to time, whenever you are travelling, you can run out of water. With a water purifying bottle at hand you won’t have to worry about that. Purifying bottles utilize innovative technology that can eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses or protozoa. Always look for purifying bottles that are durable, lightweight and effective in removing contaminants within the shortest period of time. The method of contaminant removal should also be brought into consideration. Some use UV in sunlight while others utilize plungers for clean water extraction.

Mini iron

Most frequent travelers will agree that ironing your clothes can sometimes be hard to do when not home – irons are not available in every single hotel. Make your life easier by buying a mini iron. They do the same job as a regular one. A mini iron does heat up twice as fast, though. It takes less space and is extremely handy!

Sandless Beach mat

Whenever I go to the beach, I always take it with me. If anything, it looks like the coolest invention ever. Are you off to the beach but want to lie or sit without sand everywhere especially after using lots of sun cream?  The sandless beach mat is the perfect solution for that. Definitely a great investment if you visit the beach frequently.

Foldable bottle

Carrying water bottles is always a debate because they take up space. Well, with a foldable bottle, you can carry your favorite drink with you while not taking a lot of space in your luggage. Most of these foldable bottles are BPA free and made from quality silicone and extremely durable. They are also light weight and easy to wash. Good value for the money it costs and definitely a must-have.

Luggage scale

A mini handheld scale can allow you to better plan your packing and avoid having issues at the check in desk and ridiculously high overweight fees. We recommend buying one if you travel a lot. These are easily available – you can find them in most airports of train stations.

Inflatable solar light

When travelling, especially outdoors, it is usually recommended to have a reliable source of light with you. An inflatable solar light does the trick for you. They are super bright, green (meaning no need of charging plugs), lightweight and most importantly, save you plenty of space. We recommend having one of these and taking it out with you especially on camping trips.

There are thousands of products online to choose from, and a lot of them can prove to be unnecessary and just add more weight to your luggage. So, plan wisely, keep it lightweight and only carry what is necessary.

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